I completed a postdoc researching the development of attentional mechanisms for visual category learning at The Ohio State University. I've previously worked on computational models of infant looking behavior and human actions and visual motion processing as a postdoc at the University of California, Los Angeles. I received my PhD in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Houston, with a focus on the development of visual attention in infancy and early childhood. My research is largely interdisciplinary, and I try to incorporate methods from different fields, including child development, visual psychophysics, cognitive modeling, machine learning, and statistics.

Research Topics

  • Domain general, bottom-up driven influences on attentional development
  • Dyadic social interactions during early development
  • Selective attention for object perception and word learning
  • Guided attention for learning spatial contexts and during temporally ordered learning
  • Top-down biological motion processing of human actions
  • Developing depth-sensor motion capture software
  • Use of head-mounted and standalone eye tracking systems
  • Analytical approaches toward comparing eyegaze scanpath behaviors
  • Image processing & computer vision techniques for models of visual saliency
  • Hierarchical Bayesian statistical models
  • Signal processing techniques for estimating brain/behavioral oscillations during priming tasks